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Paediatric Chiropractic in London

Newborn babyIn addition to standard chiropractic care, King Chiropractic proudly offers paediatric chiropractic care to keep your smallest family members happy and healthy.

Our practice emphasises the importance of early intervention. We are passionate about informing parents about chiropractic care’s impact on their child’s nervous system and overall health. Our hope is to get to know your little ones and help get them on the path to wellness while they are still malleable.

Find out more about paediatric chiropractic care and what we have to offer your family.

The Nervous System’s Role in Health

The nervous system governs every aspect of the body, from organs and muscles to cells and joints. Unimpeded, it enables the body to function optimally. Like adult chiropractic care, paediatric chiropractic care focuses on ensuring the nervous system operates without interference—promoting the homeostasis and overall health that wellness demands.

I originally came to sort my hips during my twin pregnancy and found that the adjustments relieved my pain and helped me to walk properly. I continued up to 2 weeks before birth, and at 6 weeks old they were also adjusted along with my 2-year-old. Amazing results overall and I highly recommend children being adjusted regularly.”

Newborn Babies and Chiropractic Care

Unbeknownst to many, newborn babies possess delicate nervous systems protected by their skulls and cartilaginous spines. Birth, whether natural or with necessary interventions, can subject a baby’s skull, neck, and spine to physical stress. This stress may result in nerve dysfunction, manifesting as breathing issues, irritability, colic, feeding difficulties, and more.

Undetected, these issues can contribute to long-term health problems. We are here to offer you and your little one both preventative and ongoing chiropractic care to ensure a lifetime of happiness and health.

Hands around boy

When it comes to adjusting children, we rely on the light pressure of the fingertips. Their small size often requires no more than a touch than one would place on a ripe tomato to deliver a successful chiropractic adjustment.Be sure to communicate your questions or concerns prior to and throughout your visit. We are happy to put your mind at ease. You can rest assured that your child is in our best hands.

A staggering 65% of neurological development occurs in a child’s first year of life. Regular chiropractic checks during this critical period maximise proper brain, spinal cord, and nerve development, laying the groundwork for continued wellness. The earlier you get your child in to see us, the better.

Get Started Today

In an era where proactive health practices are sought, paediatric chiropractic care emerges as a cornerstone for nurturing a child’s wellbeing. Contact us to ensure your child’s nervous system is flourishing.

Let us help you and your littlest loved ones live vibrantly. Contact us to get started!


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