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About King Chiropractic

Dad with boyOur practice has been led by chiropractor Don Murray since 1998. Though we have travelled the world, we planted our roots in London to spread health and wellness in such a dynamic city.

Here at King Chiropractic, we believe everyone with a spine is a potential patient. From newborn babies to their great-grandparents, we welcome individuals from all walks of life, both young and old. Our hope is to do more than relieve your symptoms. Don and his compassionate team are here to get to know you, educate you, and encourage your body to heal as it was designed.

Learn more about our comprehensive approach to chiropractic care. Generational wellness begins with us.

Fostering a Relaxing Healing Environment

Our practice is more than a healthcare facility. We are an enjoyable, high-energy space where families look forward to coming. Laughter is common in our practice, fostering a fun and relaxing atmosphere for all those who walk through our door.

Recognising Your Body’s Potential

Our practice is guided by the belief in the power of the nervous system. We understand that under the right conditions, the body has the innate ability to heal. Our role is to help you recognise your body’s potential and release any interferences preventing you from living as the happiest, healthiest version of yourself.

Why Wait? Elevate Your Health Today

With us, laughter coexists with healing, and each patient is afforded the utmost care and respect. No matter your age or presenting symptoms, you have a home in our practice.

Why wait? Book your visit today. We accept insurance and offer same-day appointments.


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